We decided to check out contentious trails 53/51 on skate skis. It was hugely fun to skate it, but not without a few challenges, one of which was that I felt like  a criminal and was “tsk tsked” by one skier and glared at by a few others.  On a couple  of the uphills I needed to step into the bushes to let families and slow skiers come down the hills – skiers who preferred to stay out of the track.  Even though I don’t have great balance or a long skate glide it took attention to stay out of the one classic track.  Unless it’s widened considerably when the second track is added, it will remain a problem – and if it’s widened, the classic charm will disappear.

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We classic skied it on Thursday. I can’t even count the number of times either us or skiers coming in the opposite direction had to get out of the tracks to let the others go by. And of course once you are out of the tracks, you are in the middle of the new skate lane. The other thing I noticed with only having one set of classic tracks in one direction is anywhere on downhills deemed too steep for tracks, well, there’s no track when you are coming back uphill. Sigh. I won’t be going back on that trail… Read more »