By: musicianonskis

Aug 26 2017


Category: fungi, Lac Champagneur


A most charming toadstool.

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Most charming? Perhaps! It’s the Fly Agaric, in French Amite Tue-mouches, (Amanita muscaria) one of the best known hallucinogens. Translating from Le grand livre des champignons du Quebec et de l’est du Canada:”30 minutes to 2 hours after eating a sort of drunkenness, delirium, and hallucinations which are accompanied by a deep slumber, visions, and coma”. Charming perhaps. But it is attractive.

Some of the early cartoon Walt Disney features like Snow White when they were portraying a bucolic woodland scene they drew the mushrooms as Fly Agarics.

A caveat to my previous comment. The book doesn’t recommend trying these. The description goes on to say that “most people recover quickly from this intoxication except that, during the deep sleep or coma, they can suffocate on their secretions”. Admire them but don’t try them to achieve alternate reality.