By: musicianonskis

May 04 2019

Category: Lac Champagneur, Wildlife

Yay! Fresh deer doo-doo! There is actually at least one deer left in these woods. In the fall and winter American sharp shooters were hired to exterminate the deer over a large area, for testing, in case they had wasting disease. From my understanding, none did have it. This is in an area where we used to see bears, lynx, otters, fox, porcupines, etc. Nowadays you can hang bird seed all summer without so much as a raccoon coming by. Hunting is a big thing here, but when you walk in the woods out of hunting season it is deserted. There is not so much as a squirrel. Most humans are more interested in noisy fun – ATVs on the dirt roads, chain saws and late night fireworks. And heaven help the beavers if they chew a tree on someone’s swamp-side property. Sigh. End of rant….