By: musicianonskis

Aug 11 2019

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Category: Lac Champagneur, Timelapse

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This was a 4 hour time lapse guest-starring the new moon, Jupiter and meteors. I have to say that it was not much fun staying up so late (bed at 2:00 am!) and I can’t bring myself to leave the camera unattended all night. I’m looking forward to trying more of these in the fall and winter when the sun sets earlier! The Youtube ads are rather amusing/annoying but I haven’t yet figured out if there is a way to disable them.

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Jean and Katy Tarr
Jean and Katy Tarr

This is a beautiful video. Thank you. Here in Langford, the stars are rarely visible because of the lights from Home Depot, Costco, Walmart. Need I go on?
We really enjoy your photos, and Katy thinks Torin is very handsome. And friendly, no doubt.