Photo Lottery
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Frequently skiers send me wonderful photos from their outings.
I love receiving them and do consider posting them, but the problem is that I have so much fun taking my own photos.
Enter the guest photo page! If you have a photo to share, here's what to do:

First, be sure that the photo was taken by you!

Downsize it to a maximum width of 800 pixels. Send a high quality jpg if possible, but do not send full sized photos. I'll convert it for the web, and add your name and copyright. It will also save me confusion if you rename them to include your name as part of the file name before sending them (e.g."MTiggyWinkle_dscn2099.jpg"). Email it to the address above.

What kind of photos? Anything of interest to Gatineau Park skiers or winter enthusiasts, perhaps an obscure trail, unusual conditions, special events, wildlife, or people actually ENJOYING the outdoors. If subjects are recognizable, they should be your very own ski buddies or family members, and they should be aware that their photo may be posted. Photos of people looking inept, exhausted or miserable will not be posted. Write a short description for each photo and the first names of your ski buddies.

Guest photos will be posted at least once a week. There is no guarantee that all photos will be posted. Consider it a photo lottery!
If there happens to be a huge response to this I will post the unpublished ones as a retrospective at the end of the ski season.

Jo-Ann Holden