By: musicianonskis

Apr 20 2012


Category: birds, Gatineau Park, Paddling, Scenery, Spring

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/200 sec
Camera:NIKON D300

Two photos from an early kayak paddle on Meech.   The highlight was hearing an American Bittern (had to look that one up!), whose call is a most distinctive booming note with an almost electronic sound to it.  He was between the boat ramp and Blanchet,  thoroughly camouflaged in a pine tree, and was never spotted. His calls went on for quite a while and were answered from across the lake!

1 Comment
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Ron Lorenson
Ron Lorenson
April 20, 2012 09:17

Hi Jo-Ann:

In one of my references (I forget which) the Bittern was called the “pile-driver” for that call – quite descriptive. That call will carry for quite a distance.

The period between ice-breakup and black-fly season is certainly the most interesting time to kayak or canoe – there’s so much life around.