February 21, 2011

Watch out for the post Loppet garbage.  Perhaps next year they should have someone ski the race course when it is all over.  There is an assortment of refuse, including  bottle caps, bottles, cups,  wrappers, ski passes and kleenexes.   The white paper cups are the worst as they blend in with the snow.  Tomorrow I will take along a garbage bag.

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Steve Howard
Steve Howard
February 21, 2011 21:58

Funny you should note all the post Loppet garbage. I noticed the same yesterday afternoon skiing up near Champlain Lookout. A couple of years ago I vented on a local forum about the garbage prior to the loppet and was actually criticized by several people for raising the issue. Personally, I’ve always believed that if you can carry it in, you can carry it out…

February 24, 2011 08:25

It’s not reasonable to expect the racers to pack out everything they use during the race. We should be pushing them only to discard things in the feed zones, and ask the organizers to clean up those areas right after the event.