Parc National du Mont St. Bruno, February 23, 2001

By: musicianonskis

Feb 28 2011


Category: Cross Country Ski Photos, Scenery


I grew up playing on this mountain before it became a provincial park, so it is very gratifying to to see that it has been spared the developer’s shovel.  There are 35 Km of pleasant ski trails, mixed in with forest, two lakes, and a scattering of palatial mansions – presumably the estates of the people who donated the land to the parc to avoid paying taxes on the land.

This trail was particularly “interesting” ,  a  flat one-way classic trail with a walking trail down the middle!!  I doubt this would ever work in Gatineau Park but it seemed to work here.

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Janey Crook
Janey Crook
March 1, 2011 18:42

Good idea to have space for walkers as well as skiers – it looks like a lovely trail.

March 5, 2011 17:24

Your pictures are amazing. Actually, you would be suprised, it’s a constant battle to have people off the trails. In this case, the snow is hardpacked and there is no designated skate trail but on the skate trail it is an absolute nightmare. That is the only walk-ski spot on the mountain. As soon as the sun comes out, there is pressure from thousands of walkers who want to come on the highly maintained tracks. They simply have no understanding of what it means to pile holes all over the tracks. Some of them actually argue about it until you… Read more »